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Two-Step Sparring
This is a more advanced form of sparring where both the attacker and defender use more advanced techniques and combinations in a structured sequence.
See the videos here
For further info on two-step sparring  and 8 more routines consult Training Manual One: Fundamental Tae Kwon-Do (c)
The following slideshows show the two-step sparring required for gradings (numbers 1 to 4) and the additional class two step (numbers 5 to 8)
1.  Attack: walking stance high punch, front snap kick (groin height).  Defence: left foot back, walking stance rising block, right foot back, walking stance X-fist pressing block.  Counter: walking stance twin vertical punch.
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2. Attack: fixed stance, right side punch, left middle turning kick.  Defence: right foot back, L-stance upward palm block, left foot back, L-stance waist block.  Counter: slide forwards into right L-stance, right side elbow.
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3. Attack: right front kick to the groin, step through, walking stance twin vertical punch.  Defence: right foot back, X-fist pressing block, left foot back, high wedging block.  Counter: grab the opponents neck and pull down onto a left upward knee kick.
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4. Attack: walking stance right high flat fingertip thrust, left middle side piercing kick.  Defence: right foot back, walking stance knifehand rising block, left foot back, L-stance inwards palm block.  Counter: left front kick to the coccyx, land in walking stance, twin upset punch to the kidneys.
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5. Attack: right back piercing kick, step through, left walking stance, left high palm strike.  Defence: right foot back, L-stance palm waist block, left foot back, L-stance inwards outer forearm block.  Counter: slide forwards forming a right walking stance, left reverse knifehand strike.
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6. Attack: right high instep turning kick, step through, left walking stance, left high archand strike.  Defence: left foot back and out to 45o , sitting stance high twin straight forearm block, right foot back, L-stance palm hooking block.  Counter: grab the arm, left side piercing kick pulling opponent.
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7. Attack: fixed stance, right outward side-fist strike, left middle reverse turning kick.  Defence: left foot back, L-stance twin outer forearm block, slide right foot back, L-stance knifehand guarding block.  Counter: high reverse turning kick (right foot)
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8. Attack: right middle side piercing kick, spot and spin anti-clockwise, left high outward knifehand strike.  Defence: right foot back, L-stance inwards inner forearm waist block, double-step, right foot back L-stance high knifehand guarding block.  Counter: jump forward into left X-stance, left high backfist strike
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